The benefits of using sand and gravel as landscaping alternatives

The benefits of using sand and gravel as landscaping alternatives

When you are ready to change up the landscaping around your home or business, it is always wise to consider all of your options. Two of the more overlooked, yet some of the more versatile, landscaping components are sand and gravel. As far as landscaping alternatives go, sand and gravel are two of the best. Here are a few benefits of choosing sand and gravel for your next landscaping project:

They make excellent bases

For various installations in your garden like fountains or rock gardens, sand and gravel both make excellent and effective bases. They are attractive and do not require the same amount of upkeep as mulch. Additionally, if you plan on adding seating to the area, sand and gravel offer up a more uniform look than other bases like mulch.

They are wonderful accents

Sand and gravel can add a certain creative flair to your landscaping. By lining walkways, ornamental rocks, or florals with sand or gravel, you can add another dimension to the aesthetics of your yard. An added bonus is that sand and gravel are easy to experiment with because these materials are not overly expensive and do not require much upkeep.

They are a great alternative to grass

If you are looking for a lawn-free garden, sand and gravel are the best material choices. A mix of natural stone and pea gravel, for example, can provide a casual aesthetic to your lawn without having to utilize grass. Not having to maintain a full yard is an added benefit of utilizing sand and gravel. Less lawn upkeep equates to more time enjoying your landscaping. Additionally, this can save you money on watering costs as less grass equates to less water needed to maintain your lawn.

They are inexpensive and last in storage

Sand and gravel are much more cost-effective than other materials like mulch or sod. Where mulch and sod have certain rules surrounding how they should be used and stored, sand and gravel are great bulk purchases because these materials do not rot. This makes sand and gravel excellent options for homes or businesses that frequently purchase and store their landscaping materials in bulk.

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