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Becoming A Patient

If you’re interested in becoming a patient with our office, we are excited to see how we can help you. To learn more about the steps to begin working with us, we’ve included the information below.

Step 1. Free Consultation 

After you give us a call and we get an idea of what type of care you’re looking for, we’ll set up your free consultation. This is an opportunity for you to discuss your health concerns and see how we may be able to help you. During this consultation, we'll also have you answer a questionnaire, so we can learn more about your health history. You're welcome to bring previous labs and test results for us to review as well.

Step 2. In-Depth Exam

If you’re a good fit for our office, then we’ll schedule your next appointment. This will include an in-depth exam that’s approximately 90-minutes long. This prolonged exam allows us to carefully evaluate the different systems of your body to learn more about what's going on inside. We'll do a physical exam and muscle exam followed by various evaluation techniques that offer an in-depth look at your body.

Step 3. Wellness Plan

Using your individual test results, we will create a personalized wellness plan with solutions that are necessary to improve your health. We will thoroughly explain every step of the plan in order to ensure you understand how and why each solution is recommended. You’ll also have time to ask questions so we can address any of your concerns before you go home. We want to send you away with confidence that you can take care of yourself, which is why your wellness plan will be explained in such an in-depth manner.

Step 4. Maintenance & Future Visits

You will implement your wellness plan in your life and come into the office for follow-up visits on an occasional basis. If you have concerns that arise in-between your maintenance visits, you can certainly call us to set up an appointment to discuss what’s going on. We are readily available for patients to ensure they’re given the best care possible.

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At Simple Wellness we discover the root of your health and wellness issues then correct them with personalized, comprehensive plans. Why is your body out of balance? Exactly what is causing your system to run inefficiently or improperly? We find out, and we fix it, setting you up for a lifetime in health.