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Using rocks for drainage to keep water away from your foundation and home 

Using rocks for drainage to keep water away from your foundation and home  Keeping water away from your home is always a wise idea. If you have a basement, for example, proper drainage surrounding your home can help keep water from leaking into your basement and damaging your belongings. One way to ensure that water drains away from your home is by landscaping in a strategic manner. By utilizing rocks for drainage, you can keep water away from your foundation and your home. Practical and Aesthetically-Pleasing One of the benefits of using rocks for yard drainage is that they not […]

The benefits of using sand and gravel as landscaping alternatives

The benefits of using sand and gravel as landscaping alternatives When you are ready to change up the landscaping around your home or business, it is always wise to consider all of your options. Two of the more overlooked, yet some of the more versatile, landscaping components are sand and gravel. As far as landscaping alternatives go, sand and gravel are two of the best. Here are a few benefits of choosing sand and gravel for your next landscaping project: They make excellent bases For various installations in your garden like fountains or rock gardens, sand and gravel both make […]

Gravel driveway maintenance tips

Gravel driveway maintenance tips Whether you own a home in the country, suburbs, or city, gravel is a cost-effective option when considering your driveway needs. But like most additions to your home, you want to make sure it works for you, and with you. While gravel is the easiest option when it comes to driveway materials, it still requires some upkeep. Exposure to the elements and vehicular traffic often cause the material to shift and loosen, causing divots, potholes, and other issues. It only takes planning and a few preventative measures to prevent such issues. Tools and Materials A shovel […]

How to Care for a Gravel Driveway

How to Care for a Gravel Driveway Gravel driveways are the most economical driveway option available today. They are also sturdy, long-lasting, quick to install, and customizable. The only drawback to gravel driveways is that they need to be regularly maintained. Fortunately, this maintenance is easy to do. Major potholes should be repaired as soon as they are noticed. Otherwise, you should take some time to fix up your gravel driveway about once or twice per year. To perform your own gravel driveway maintenance, you are going to need: fresh gravel of various sizes, a shovel, a hand tamper, herbicide, […]

4 Gravel Driveway Benefits

4 Gravel Driveway Benefits Gravel is defined as loose natural stones that are larger than sand and smaller than cobble. In other words, gravel contains rocks and stones that are approximately 0.1 to 2.5 inches in diameter. The gravel generally used for driveways often contains a mixture of rock, clay, and sand in order to provide the most stable and effective surface. There are numerous reasons why you might consider a gravel driveway. Below are four benefits you can count on. Gravel is Cost-Effective The cost of a new gravel driveway can range from around $1 per square foot to […]

Why Gravel Is a Landscaping Champion

Why Gravel Is a Landscaping Champion Gravel is a popular landscaping material with a wide variety of applications. Gravel has gained a strong following in the landscaping world for several reasons. To begin with, gravel is cost-effective and easy to maintain. Gravel is also versatile and customizable, with various sizes and colors that can be used for zen gardens, succulent mulch, flower beds, driveways, patios, and more. Another important factor is that gravel is well known for its durability, longevity, and ability to withstand the test of time. Finally, gravel is a great choice for many landscaping purposes simply because […]