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Spring Rock Garden Design Basics

Creating a rock garden is one of the most creative and rewarding gardening projects one can undertake. If this is your first attempt, try thinking small so you can obtain a comprehensive idea of the basics and enjoy yourself a little. There’s no need to deck out the entire hillside on your first go. To lend some inspiration, here is a list of some spring rock garden design basics. Location, Location, Location As with business placement, the general success of a rock garden is wholly dependent on location. Traditionally, a hill is the most effective place for a rock garden, […]

Landscaping With Rocks And Boulders To Increase Curb Appeal

Many people do not grasp the general importance of landscaping. The word itself brings images of a tidy front porch or immaculate yard to mind. However, landscaping is much more than that. In addition to providing something pleasant to look at, landscaping conserves natural resources, facilitates a comfortable living environment, and amplifies the surrounding environment. All of this rings especially true when working with materials like rocks and boulders. When done properly, landscaping with rocks and boulders can drastically amplify your curb appeal. These versatile, visually appealing stones are relatively easy to maintain and compact enough to adhere to most […]

How to create a unique Japanese rock garden in your yard

Japanese rock gardens – or Zen gardens – are meant to be oases of tranquility. They recreate nature in miniature, and often have elements of sand, stone, water, or plants. Rock gardens are meant to be representative of the ocean speckled with islands. Zen gardens are a wonderful project for the home gardener because they’re inexpensive and fairly easy to put together. Here’s how to create your own unique Japanese rock garden. Frame it Your first step is to figure out what space you will dedicate to your rock garden. Fairly flat ground works best, with a mix of sun […]

Create a beach retreat in your backyard with sand and gravel

Using sand, gravel, and rocks is a great way to create themes in your garden. One theme that you might consider is a beach retreat. A lot of us love going to the beach – the feeling of sand beneath our feet especially. You can recreate this feeling at home by making your very own seaside resort in your backyard. It’s also a great project for a home gardener because it’s inexpensive and fairly easy to create. Here are the steps to creating your very own beach retreat in your backyard. Plan Decide which area will be your seaside retreat. You […]

Hardscaping and the Best Uses for Pea Gravel

Hardscaping and the Best Uses for Pea Gravel Pea gravel is so named for its similarity to peas in both size and smooth, round appearance.  It makes for a wonderful hardscaping addition to a variety of residential, commercial, industrial, and even public settings.  This versatile material can be used for both utilitarian purposes and as a tool for beautification.  Here are just a few of the best uses for pea gravel. Patios and Pathways What makes pea gravel perfect for patios and pathways?  The loose stone is great for patios, in particular, because lounge furniture can settle into it.  How […]

Different Crushed Rock Pathway Ideas for Your Yard

Different Crushed Rock Pathway Ideas for Your Yard Many elements make up a complete yard space, from lush landscaping, to task-oriented and ambient lighting, to patios or decks for placing lounge furniture.  You might even include extras like a fire pit or water feature for added use value. First, however, you have to make sure your yard is functional, and this means adding walkways to conveniently traverse the space without trampling the lawn.  When it comes to installing crushed rock pathways, there are several directions you could go.  Here are just a few ideas to get you started. Lined Paths […]

Using rocks for drainage to keep water away from your foundation and home 

Using rocks for drainage to keep water away from your foundation and home  Keeping water away from your home is always a wise idea. If you have a basement, for example, proper drainage surrounding your home can help keep water from leaking into your basement and damaging your belongings. One way to ensure that water drains away from your home is by landscaping in a strategic manner. By utilizing rocks for drainage, you can keep water away from your foundation and your home. Practical and Aesthetically-Pleasing One of the benefits of using rocks for yard drainage is that they not […]

The benefits of using sand and gravel as landscaping alternatives

The benefits of using sand and gravel as landscaping alternatives When you are ready to change up the landscaping around your home or business, it is always wise to consider all of your options. Two of the more overlooked, yet some of the more versatile, landscaping components are sand and gravel. As far as landscaping alternatives go, sand and gravel are two of the best. Here are a few benefits of choosing sand and gravel for your next landscaping project: They make excellent bases For various installations in your garden like fountains or rock gardens, sand and gravel both make […]

Using sand and gravel as landscaping alternatives

Using sand and gravel as landscaping alternatives When people think of landscaping, the first thing that comes to mind is greenery; lush ferns, bushes, and flowers placed strategically in an attempt to provide a home or business with an aesthetically-pleasing outdoor extension of said home or business. While greenery certainly plays a large role in landscaping, there are other options for those who are looking to add a unique aesthetic appeal to their landscape designs. Sand and gravel are two alternative materials that can be used when designing the landscape for your home or business. Because they are elegant, and […]

Advantages of buying gravel in bulk

Advantages of buying gravel in bulk Purchasing materials for landscaping purposes can feel like a lofty endeavor. In order to create a truly mesmerizing landscape, careful thought needs to be put into what kinds of materials are needed and how much of those materials are needed. In regard to gravel, unless you are outfitting a small area of a garden and only need one small bag of the material, there are numerous advantages to buying gravel in bulk. Buying in Bulk Is Cheaper A universally-known concept is that buying in bulk will save a purchaser money in the long run if they […]