How and Why You Should Use Washed Gravel in Your Landscaping Plan

How and Why You Should Use Washed Gravel in Your Landscaping Plan

Designing your landscaping is one of the most fulfilling parts of home ownership. Next to choosing types of grasses, planting gardens to grow flowers or vegetables, and shopping for outdoor statues and other permanent decorations, one of the most important parts of landscaping is choosing whether or not to incorporate gravel.

While gravel can be used for more directly productive purposes like driveways, it can also be used for a mixture of productivity and decoration, such as a winding garden path. When it comes to gravel use in landscaping, one of the most common types is washed gravel, which is made up of tiny rock pieces of different colors and types. Wondering how to best incorporate washed gravel into your landscaping design? Here are a few of the best ways and why:

Use Washed Gravel in Your Landscaping Plan

As patio flooring. Washed gravel is a cheap yet stylish and unique alternative to concrete and wood flooring, two of the most common options for patio construction. Plus, washed gravel will have less of an effect on the soil beneath your patio than a firmer substance would, and its thickness can be increased or decreased at will based on personal preference.

As a backyard path. Adding paths that lead between different sections of your backyard, such as the back door to the patio or the patio to your child’s playset, add a distinct touch of classic beauty and joy to an outdoor space. While concrete walkways can be uncomfortably reminiscent of city sidewalks, a washed gravel path is much more aesthetically pleasing no matter your outdoor furnishing preference.

As a sand alternative. Many homeowners utilize sand for a variety of landscaping details including inside children’s sandboxes, beneath playsets, or even to create a tropical feel for a seating area. However, sand is messy and incredibly hard to control, especially with little ones running around. Washed gravel can act as a sand alternative in all of these situations and more—plus, it tends to lend a more chic look to outdoor spaces.

As weed control. Many homeowners love washed gravel specifically for its weed-suppressing qualities. In fact, you can use washed gravel as mulch or even as an edging material around backyard trees and flowerbeds. Not only does washed gravel create a beautiful border between your garden area and the rest of your yard, it helps to control the growth of pesky weeds that damage the plants you work so hard to grow.

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