Why pea gravel is great for dog owners

Why pea gravel is great for dog owners

Does your family have a pooch with boundless energy, frolicking in the yard chasing tennis balls and playing with the kids? Introducing a dog to the family is a rite of passage for millions of people but if you also put a lot of effort into maintaining a neat and tidy yard, you could be in for a challenge.

At first glance, dogs and spic-and-span yards don’t seem to mix; however, there are lots of ways to keep your property looking good and dog-friendly at the same time. One of the most popular and effective options is pea gravel placed strategically in areas frequented by your dog, or planned dog runs built on a pea gravel foundation.  

Let’s look at the dynamic cause and effect relationship between dogs and yards, and how pea gravel can save the day:

Trampled under foot

Dogs are territorial by nature and as such tend to pace along the perimeter of their home to “secure” the area against intruders and otherwise keep an eye on things. Puppies in particular are prone to following the same path to their favorite destinations in the yard. These repeated forays lead to trampled grass and other flora. Consider a landscape makeover by installing a shallow trench filled with a layer of pea gravel; you can’t expect grass and flowers to hold up to everyday abuse but gravel is an effective defense.

Acidity awareness

Dogs poop a lot and all that waste contains high levels of nitrogen. It doesn’t take long for excessive nitrogen levels to raise the acidity of your lawn’s soil, often evident by ubiquitous brown patches all over the yard. Train your dog to use pea gravel areas for personal needs; the gravel will protect your grass and reduce the presence of unpleasant odors.

Dig it

Many dog breeds enjoy digging in the dirt but that spells doom for your yard, which will soon be perforated with holes from a determined pet. An intentionally designed area layered with pea gravel makes a great substitute for grass and over time will gradually discourage digging tendencies. If your dog does dig around in the gravel, a little raking smooths it right out.


One of the easiest ways to “dogscape” your yard is by creating a dog run using a base of pea gravel. Construct the run based on your pup’s usual trajectories or design it to fit the yard’s look. Keep the size of the gravel in mind; you don’t want smaller pieces wedging into tender paws.