What Is Clean Crushed Rock and How Can I Use It?

What Is Clean Crushed Rock and How Can I Use It?

Crushed rock is a rock product that’s been pulverized into smaller stones for layering on soft ground. This comes in two forms: clean crushed rock and minus crushed rock. 

Clean crushed rock contains no fines. Fines are small particles of ground rock, similar to sand. This cleanliness is an important distinction when compared to something like minus crushed rock, which does contain fines.

How Is It Made?

During excavations, large chunks of rock are cut, chipped off, and discarded. So to get the most value out of these stones and prevent them from being wasted, they’re repurposed. 

These large pieces are loaded into a crushing machine that pulverizes the rocks into smaller pieces. The machine sorts the pieces for different uses using screens with different-sized holes.

What Can Clean Crushed Rock Be Used For?

It has a number of constructive uses. Because there are no fines to worry about, it can be laid down for pathways or to create garden borders. It also provides excellent drainage beds for downspouts or when installing interior French drainage systems in basements.

Depending on the size of the stone or the compaction needed, it can be used for driveways for light vehicles or heavy equipment. Larger clean crushed rocks can be used for walls and as building materials. 

What Are Its Key Qualities?

It contains no fines whatsoever and will not compact. Because it won’t compact, it’s best used as the top layer of construction or decoration. 

There are several sizes to choose from, including ¼” clean, ⅝” clean, and 1 ¼” clean. Depending on the size you choose, it can provide excellent traction.

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