What Are the Benefits of Recycled Concrete?

When you’re in the middle of a construction project, old and unwanted concrete can leave you wondering what to do with all of the leftover material. Most of the time, the answer ends up being to either work around it or toss it. The problem is that this ends up being a waste of your time and money —- but there is a better alternative!

Over time, wear and tear can cause concrete to crack, leaving you wondering whether you should repair or remove the concrete altogether and start over from scratch.

Recycled concrete is quickly becoming a popular material for contractors. In the past, the non-biodegradable material would simply end up in a landfill after a demolition project. But now, professionals are learning that leftover concrete can be repurposed, which is something everyone can appreciate — especially Mother Nature!

What is Recycled Concrete Aggregate?

Recycled concrete aggregate (RCA) is created from old, unwanted concrete material. The material is typically used as a sub-base, but it is also possible to pair it with other virgin materials and repurpose it as an aggregate for new concrete. 

RCA is just as sturdy and reliable as brand-new concrete material and it produces the same results. The process to prepare RCA for use involves meticulously screening the recycled pieces to remove any steel, metal, and other leftover debris that could compromise the integrity of the product. Once removed, the material is crushed down to size, depending on what a particular project requires.

The Benefits of Recycled Concrete Aggregate

There are many reasons to consider using recycled concrete aggregate in your next project. People who take advantage of this environmentally-friendly material often enjoy several benefits, including:


As we mentioned earlier, recycled concrete aggregate is a green construction material. This is perhaps one of the most important advantages of using this product. When you use RCA, you are giving new life to unwanted concrete material without depleting additional natural resources from the environment. This results in less of the non-biodegradable product ending up in landfills. 

It’s Easy On Your Budget

Homeowners and contractors alike will be glad to know that they can benefit from major cost savings by using recycled concrete aggregate. RCA is significantly less expensive to produce than other materials, which means that you can lay down a firm base or foundation for only a fraction of the normal costs . This, of course, allows you to use the cost savings in other areas of your project.

Versatile Materials

RCA is a versatile product, so you can use it in many different ways, including construction jobs, landscaping applications, and home improvement projects.


You may be wondering if a recycled material is as good as a new product. The answer is: Yes! According to the Federal Highway Administration, RCA is as structurally reliable and safe as natural aggregate materials. Furthermore, by using recycled concrete scrap, you can decrease your expenses, while also doing your part for the environment. The best part is that you’ll get to enjoy all of the benefits without having to sacrifice on quality.

Get Recycled Concrete Aggregate from Tigard Sand and Gravel

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