Tips for Using Boulders and Rock in Landscape Design

Tips for Using Boulders and Rock in Landscape Design


A lush, green lawn and abundant foliage are integral parts of any landscape design, but you’ll also want to add some hardscaping elements to your outdoor spaces.  In addition to practical elements like a patio and gravel walkways, consider what you can bring to your yard in the way of function and beauty by utilizing natural boulders and rocks.

These hardscaping elements can be implemented in a variety of ways to elevate the style of your space, adding versatility with alternatives to concrete slabs or hewn stone, for example.  How can you add boulders and rocks to your landscape design?  Here are a few strategies to consider.

Decorative Rocks in Planter Beds

Boulders and large rocks can make for attractive and surprising additions to your landscaping when artfully installed.  One great way to arrange large, natural stones is to place them in expansive planter beds or islands on your property.  When you place them around trees and then fill in the area with tall grasses, shrubs, or flowering plants for variety, you create eye-catching tableaus that elevate your curb appeal and deliver a more exotic aesthetic.

It’s not all about visual appeal, though.  Adding large stones to planter beds and islands also has a practical purpose.  The inclusion of these stones could help to prevent soil erosion and retain moisture, especially if you’re not keen to add mulch over exposed soil.

Delineating Spaces

If you have plenty of yard space to work with, you need to include elements that match the stature of your property.  A large yard can be accentuated not only with larger trees and shrubs, but also imposing boulders and rocks that take up some space and keep your yard from looking empty.  From a practical perspective, using larger stones to delineate spaces is a great way to add some visual weight and break up expanses of lawn or landscaping.

Consider using boulders and rocks to edge planter beds or water features like ponds or waterfalls.  You can also build retaining walls or simply install rocks along swaths of land where the elevation changes (i.e. small hills running through your yard).  You can even use flat boulders as unique seating around a fire pit.

Create a Rock Garden

If you’re not one to spend all day tending abundant flora, consider adding a Zen rock garden to one area of your yard.  You can mix large boulders, gravel, and sand to create the perfect, low-maintenance sanctuary you crave.  Contact Tigard Sand and Gravel today at 503-692-1800 or online to select premium materials for your project.