The Climate (and Labor) Benefits of Replacing Your Lawn with a Pebble Bed

Did you know that grass is the most irrigated crop in the United States? More water is used to support the growth of lawns than anything else.

It also takes a lot of care and attention to keep up with a grass lawn. If you’re frustrated with the work it takes to care for your lawn or you want an environmentally friendly alternative, consider a pebble bed.

If you replace your lawn with a pebble bed, you’ll have some upfront labor and material costs. But once that is taken care of, you can expect to enjoy the following climate and labor benefits:

Use Less Water

This is the biggest environmental impact of the choice to use pebbles instead of a traditional lawn. Every square foot of grass that you decide to replace with rock won’t need to be watered. This could save thousands of gallons of water each year.

This is something that may lower your monthly water bill as well. Remember that gravel is a great solution for drainage and erosion issues, too!

Use Fewer Chemicals

If you lay down a weed barrier before adding pebbles to your lawn, you will pretty much eliminate the need to spray herbicides onto your lawn. Pebble beds don’t require fertilizer, either. If your goal is to have a yard that is free of chemicals, this is a great choice.

Less Upkeep

When you no longer need chemicals to take care of your lawn, you also avoid the time and labor it takes to apply those chemicals. That’s not all. With a pebble or gravel bed, you pretty much eliminate the labor it takes to maintain a grass lawn. It is truly a low-maintenance solution!

Use pebbles instead, and you’ll never have to mow again. The same is true for overseeding, dethatching, fertilizing, and aerating.

Depending on your landscaping, you may need to do a bit of trimming and edging from time to time. Still, that’s not likely to come close to the amount of effort your lawn requires today.

Reduce Use of Fossil Fuels

If your lawn care equipment is gas-powered, you won’t need to use it nearly as often with a pebble lawn. This means you won’t have to buy or use as much gas or oil every year.

Build Your Pebble Bed Now

A pebble bed can be a big project, but the benefits of replacing even a portion of your lawn with pebble are well worth it. At Tigard Sand & Gravel, we’d love to help you select the perfect material for your pebble bed. All you have to do is contact us to get started today!