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Fill Dirt 101

Fill dirt 101 If you think dirt is just a humdrum resource, think again! Fill dirt is a valuable tool in many landscaping and construction projects. If you’re just getting started on a new endeavor, or are interested in doing some upkeep around your house, here’s a helpful guide on a vastly underrated material. Origins As many gardeners can attest, dirt is a dynamic material. And fill dirt is no exception. Fill dirt is harvested from beneath the top layer of earth, six inches below the nutrient-rich topsoil. From this depth, the dirt does not contain any organic matter, rather […]

4 Gravel Driveway Benefits

4 Gravel Driveway Benefits Gravel is defined as loose natural stones that are larger than sand and smaller than cobble. In other words, gravel contains rocks and stones that are approximately 0.1 to 2.5 inches in diameter. The gravel generally used for driveways often contains a mixture of rock, clay, and sand in order to provide the most stable and effective surface. There are numerous reasons why you might consider a gravel driveway. Below are four benefits you can count on. Gravel is Cost-Effective The cost of a new gravel driveway can range from around $1 per square foot to […]

Why Gravel Is a Landscaping Champion

Why Gravel Is a Landscaping Champion Gravel is a popular landscaping material with a wide variety of applications. Gravel has gained a strong following in the landscaping world for several reasons. To begin with, gravel is cost-effective and easy to maintain. Gravel is also versatile and customizable, with various sizes and colors that can be used for zen gardens, succulent mulch, flower beds, driveways, patios, and more. Another important factor is that gravel is well known for its durability, longevity, and ability to withstand the test of time. Finally, gravel is a great choice for many landscaping purposes simply because […]

Why Paving Slabs are an Excellent Landscaping Solution

Why Paving Slabs are an Excellent Landscaping Solution When you buy property, you become a homeowner, but there’s more to it than simply purchasing four walls, a roof, and a place to hang your hat.  Your property also comes with land, big or small, that can add curb appeal and enhance value, provide for a relaxing commune with nature, and increase available entertaining space, depending on how you set it up.  A lush, green lawn has become the hallmark of modern yard spaces, but there’s so much more you can do, not only when you add flora like trees, shrubs, […]