Paving Materials

Gravel: Perfect for Paths and Ponds

Gravel: Perfect for Paths and Ponds Some people look at a barren yard and see the possibilities.  They see shady trees, privacy shrubs, colorful and fragrant blooms, swaths of grass broken up by pathways, and patios, pavilions, water features, and lighting that turn your backyard into an exotic and enticing haven, the perfect place for lounging with family and entertaining friends. Then there are us mere mortals who look at a dusty, blank canvas and think, “Huh, I guess I should install some sod.”  The good news is, you don’t have to rely on your own imagination to create your […]

Types of Landscape Rocks Used in Construction

Building with rocks in a considerate way needs thorough thought and planning. The returns from building along with natural rocks far outweigh the prices involved, though pricing on this resource different considerably. Conventional building requires a big amount of water and energy that can build massive amounts of waste and pollution. Building with rocks and implementing a green method is good for people and the environment, both in the construction phase and lifetime of the home. Here are types of landscape rocks utilized in construction: SLATE Utilized in construction for many years due to its superb resistant to recurrent freeze-thaw […]

Asphaltic Recycled Concrete Paving Materials

When a roadway has reached a potential disrepair that cannot be addressed, the best thing that can be cone is ripping the surface up or replaced. Since asphalt surfaces have simple input materials, an old asphalt surface must be recycled, which can be used in paving projects and other materials for construction. How is Asphalt Being Recycled? Recycling of asphalt is never an easy task. As a matter of fact, it requires a lot of procedures and really takes time. At first, it is removed from a certain paved surface. It is done through tearing it up, as well as […]