Stop Drainage and Erosion Problems with Gravel

Stop Drainage and Erosion Problems with Gravel

For homeowners that take pride in their landscaping, two of the peskiest problems are drainage issues and erosion, especially if you live in a climate that sees a good amount of rain. Erosion and poor drainage can damage plants and grasses and wash away the vital soil needed to support plant life and landscaping structures.

Stop Drainage and Erosion Problems with Gravel
Stop Drainage and Erosion Problems with Gravel

Gravel for Drainage Issues

Maybe you notice that your yard tends to develop puddles after rain that linger for excessive amounts of time, or maybe your sprinkler system tends to overwater your grass and plants, leaving standing water behind. Whatever the catalyst, poor drainage in a yard can be extremely detrimental to plant and soil life as well as any landscaping structures you may have such as patios, lounge areas, pools, and hot tubs.

Here are a few key ways to use gravel to support healthy drainage in your yard:

Create gravel walkways. Many homeowners incorporate gravel walkways in their landscaping design sheerly for their aesthetic appearance. However, gravel walkways are more than just a stylish yet useful landscaping detail—they can act as a strainer of sorts when it comes to excess water. As little as two to three inches of gravel can allow a place for water to dry out more quickly than it would if it were pooled on top of soil, as water travels through gravel much faster than it does soil.

Use gravel in your garden. One of the most devastating effects of water buildup is the damage it can do to a flower or vegetable garden. By surrounding your plants with a layer of gravel, you reduce the likelihood of excessive water buildup even during heavy rains.

Gravel to Prevent Erosion

Erosion occurs when extremely high levels of water are left to soak on top of soil for long periods of time, washing away essential nutrients needed for healthy plant life. Gravel is one of the most trusted methods with which homeowners combat erosion in their yards due to its drainage supporting properties.

When it comes to erosion within a backyard, the most susceptible areas are walkways and other spots that tend to see a lot of foot traffic. Some of the best ways to install gravel in a high-traffic area of your yard include:

  • Stepping stones
  • Pathways
  • “Floors” beneath patio furniture

Utilizing gravel in these areas will help to drain excess water that may pool up, making them safer to walk upon as well as preventing harmful erosion.

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