Spring Rock Garden Design Basics

Creating a rock garden is one of the most creative and rewarding gardening projects one can undertake. If this is your first attempt, try thinking small so you can obtain a comprehensive idea of the basics and enjoy yourself a little. There’s no need to deck out the entire hillside on your first go. To lend some inspiration, here is a list of some spring rock garden design basics.

Location, Location, Location

As with business placement, the general success of a rock garden is wholly dependent on location. Traditionally, a hill is the most effective place for a rock garden, but what do you do if your property is completely flat? That’s easy, just make your own using rocks and soil. You can even integrate some larger stones to create a berm.

Even if you forgo the hill idea, it is always more efficient to map your garden out before placing anything. So before you work yourself to the bone, grab a pencil and paper and sketch out exactly how you would like to place the stones and surrounding materials. In addition to optimizing your workflow, drawing things beforehand will save you a lot of time.

Nature Loves Variation

When considering your rocks, it is best to use a variety of different sizes. In addition to a pleasing aesthetic, using different sized rocks gives your plants more room, which drastically simplifies your daily maintenance.

Pick The Right Plants

Most rock gardens feature smaller plants such as tulips, daffodils, brodiaea, or creeping plants. The latter are particularly advantageous for smoothing rigid edges and blending the boundaries over time. Additionally, mosses, sedums, and short grasses are also perfect. And who could resist adding a little succulent here and there? These rock garden staples work best when tucked in small clusters and keep the overall aesthetic from appearing too rigid. On top of that, succulents are ideal for a variety of climates.

Don’t Neglect The Soil

Too many people fail to consider the importance of soil. This is a mistake because soil is the most crucial component of a healthy garden. So prior to planting your garden, make sure to mix some small rocks, a few inches of sand, and a layer of topsoil. When selecting soil, make sure to avoid anything too rich, as most rock garden plants prefer leaner soils.

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