Low-Maintenance Materials to Use in Your Landscape Design

Low-Maintenance Materials to Use in Your Landscape Design

If you don’t have a lot of time and energy to devote to landscaping, chances are you’ve chosen a variety of native plants to ensure compatibility with your environment and minimize maintenance needs. You may also opt for perennials that pop up every spring without having to replant bulbs. Perhaps you have installed an automated sprinkler or drip system or a network of sensors to ensure adequate moisture without over-watering.

Of course, you might also be interested in top materials that don’t require much maintenance, unlike mulch that has to be refreshed at least annually.

If you’re looking to go low-maintenance when it comes to your landscape design, there are a variety of ways to incorporate sand and gravel. Here are a few attractive and hassle-free options to consider.

Crushed Rock Patios and Walkways

There are a couple of great reasons to turn to crushed gravel as a concrete alternative for patio and walkway areas around your yard. First, crushed rock comes in a range of sizes and features a variety of colors, which makes it a beautiful, versatile, organic addition to your landscaping.

However, it’s also a practical choice for Oregon homeowners dealing with higher-than-average rainfall. Crushed rock is an ideal choice for properties dealing with potential drainage issues.

While heavy rainfall can pool on soil, turning your yard into a muddy mess and drowning your plants, gravel increases drainage, helping to clear away excess water faster than soil can alone. This improves function, preserves plant life, and minimizes ongoing upkeep for homeowners.

Sandy Play Areas

Pavers and gravel are attractive and functional hardscaping options for homeowners seeking low-maintenance yards, but they’re not exactly kid-friendly. This is why you may want to consider adding river sand to create a dedicated play space in your yard. This fine, soft sand will feel nice on bare skin. It isn’t dusty, which makes it a perfect choice for sandboxes or a pad the under play equipment.

Pea Gravel Planter Beds

Small, smooth, round pea gravel is among the most popular choices in rock for landscaping. While you can certainly use it for patios and walkways, it could get kicked around a bit more than robust, crushed rock. However, this multi-colored blend will look absolutely beautiful in planter beds, and it generally stays put in these low-traffic areas.

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