Landscaping With Rocks And Boulders To Increase Curb Appeal

Many people do not grasp the general importance of landscaping. The word itself brings images of a tidy front porch or immaculate yard to mind. However, landscaping is much more than that. In addition to providing something pleasant to look at, landscaping conserves natural resources, facilitates a comfortable living environment, and amplifies the surrounding environment. All of this rings especially true when working with materials like rocks and boulders.

When done properly, landscaping with rocks and boulders can drastically amplify your curb appeal. These versatile, visually appealing stones are relatively easy to maintain and compact enough to adhere to most landscaping plans. On top of that, they are perfect for DIY projects as well as more complex endeavors.

If any of this sounds intriguing to you, read on to find out how landscaping with rocks and boulders can increase your curb appeal.

Build A Rock Pathway That Leads To Slab Steps

The smooth texture of river rocks makes them perfect for pathways. You can easily create a path by stringing a few along in a vertical configuration. From there, use smaller stones and gravel to fill the spaces in-between. Of course, you will want all of this to resolve in an array of slab steps.

Rock Fountain, Anyone?

What better way to impart a little serenity onto your landscape than with a rock fountain? Make your time spent outside even more relaxing with the blissful sound of water coursing across a stone surface. All you need is some small rocks, gravel, and larger stones. After you drill a few of the larger stones in place, install a few water buckets alongside a pump and you’re in business.

Install A Rock Garden

Tired of mowing that unsightly lawn? Rip it out and install a rock garden. Before laying down all the rocks, make sure to install a layer of mulch for watering purposes. From there, just add some succulents and you’ve got an aesthetically pleasing design that requires minimal upkeep.

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