How to Make an Elegant Pea Gravel Path

How to Make an Elegant Pea Gravel Path

In terms of naming a product, pea gravel leaves no room for faulty interpretation. Pea gravel consists of pea-sized stones that are notorious for that satisfying *crunch* that one hears and feels when he or she walks across a pea-gravel path. It is a fantastic option for driveways and pathways and for use as an overall space-filler. Given its natural appearance, pea-gravel is a great option if you are looking to create an elegant pathway to, from, or around your home or place of business.

Why Is Pea-Gravel Elegant?

When creating a pathway, elegance is important. Pea gravel is perfect for creating an elegant pathway; this is due to the gravel’s smooth texture, which can be contributed to a natural weathering process. In addition, pea gravel is available in a range of natural, elegant tones like white, buff, brown, various shades of gray, and can even be found in a translucent shade. Because pea gravel suppresses weeds and has the ability to retain moisture, it is perfect for use around plants and does not decompose like mulch does.

Anything elegant is tidy. Pea gravel’s one downfall is that it consists of a lot of pieces and the last thing you want is a rogue piece of gravel to be swept up into a lawnmower. In order to create an elegant pea-gravel path that does not look messy, it is important that there is some kind of material that acts as an “edge” in place. Bricks, metal, or stones are all fantastic options.

How to Make a Pea-Gravel Path

Now that you have decided on pea gravel, making your path is pretty easy. The soil should be around six-inches deep and all weeds should be removed before you begin applying any rock or gravel. After you have made sure your soil is deep enough and that all weeds are removed, you will need two inches of base rock (which is also referred to as crushed rock) that is of a course texture. Cover your base rock with a layer of pea gravel that is three-inches-deep and remember to apply edging in order to keep the pea-gravel path tidy and elegant. In order to maintain its appearance, it is a good idea to replenish your pea gravel every four years.

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