How to Design and Construct a Sand Based Patio

How to Design and Construct a Sand Based Patio

A “paver patio” is a patio constructed from pieces of stone that fit together. In some instances, these stones might be secured by mortar, although creating a sand-based patio is a more popular modern option. To create a sand-based patio, you will need numerous tools and materials. Consult a professional to make sure that you purchase the best paver stones to suit your needs.

Prepare the Ground

Start by determining the location for your patio, and marking this off with string. You will need to remove 7-8 inches of topsoil from the area where your patio will be. You want the area to be smooth, but you also need it to slope down away from the house to ensure proper draining. After this, the area needs to be tamped down using a plate compactor. When the area is dug out, smoothed into the proper configuration, and tamped down, you will want to place landscape fabric over the entire area. If you want wooden edges to your patio, these should be positioned now.

Lay Down a Layer of Gravel

The base of your patio will be about 6 inches of loose gravel. Apply 2-3 inches of gravel, wet it, and smooth it out. Then continue with another 2-3 inches, repeating this process until the gravel layer is installed. If you’d like to add a retaining wall to your patio, you can do so at this time.

Lay Down a Layer of Sand

Pour sand into the opening and use a long flat piece of wood, such as a 2×4, to spread it evenly over the area. Do this gradually until your sand layer is approximately 2 inches thick.

Position Your Paver Stones

There are many different options for paver stones, and many different patterns for them to be installed. Select the stones, sizes, and patterns that work best for your home and style. Begin by installing paver stones at the edges of your patio and work your way toward the center. Leave about 0.25 inches of space between each of the stones. As you work, gently tap the tops of the paver stones with a rubber mallet to ensure that they are even.

Finish With Jointing Sand

Once your pavers are in place, use polymeric jointing sand to fill in the gaps. Spread this over your paver stones using a broom, making sure that it fills in all of the gaps between stones. Use a hand tamper to press the stones down, and add more jointing sand as needed.