How to Choose the Right Sand and Gravel for Your Specific Home Project

How to Choose the Right Sand and Gravel for Your Specific Home Project

Summer is here, which means it’s time to take advantage of balmy temps to enjoy outdoor spaces with your family.  However, you may want to make some upgrades to maximize use value and enjoyment of your yard.

This could mean updating flora or adding functional hardscaping elements like pathways and patio seating areas, in addition to decorative touches that improve the aesthetics of an otherwise boring outdoor space.  In many cases, sand and gravel can help you to improve both the function and form of your yard.

How can you choose the right sand and gravel for your specific home projects?  Here are a few tips to ensure the best fit for your needs and preferences.

Understand Functional Needs

What do you hope to accomplish by adding sand or gravel to your yard?  If you’re building a play area for kids, a soft, sandy surface is ideal.  If you’re creating pathways or patios, smooth pea gravel is a great option for walking surfaces, and furniture can settle into it with ease.

If you want a parking pad, more robust gravel might be better suited to withstanding the weight of vehicles.  On the other hand, crushed rock is a good option if you’re interested in drainage, say in planting areas.  The functional goals of your installation are a major determining factor in choosing the right sand or gravel. 

Consider Aesthetics

In design, form follows function, so once you’ve determined the functional goals of your outdoor improvements, it’s time to think about how you can create a beautiful yard space without losing utility.  Or you can use sand and gravel for purely cosmetic purposes, such as creating a faux riverbed, or filling in areas where you might otherwise put mulch, for example. 

Different types of sand and gravel can add visual appeal in a variety of ways.  You’ll simply have to consider which products meet your needs and upgrade aesthetics simultaneously.

Create a Realistic Budget

Utilizing sand and gravel for outdoor projects can save you money over adding pricier, natural stone pavers, and these products look much nicer than plain concrete.  However, you do need to be realistic when setting a budget for your project.

Make sure you know how much area you want to cover and consider a variety of sand or gravel types at varying price points that will meet both your practical needs and aesthetic preferences.  Some flexibility in your budget will help you to choose the products that provide the greatest use value and add the most to your property value.