Gravel vs. Mulch: How to Choose the Right Material for Your Commercial Property

When designing your commercial property’s new landscape, you may think the plants you choose are the most crucial aspect. While plants add to your company’s overall aesthetic, the foundation of your landscape is just as essential. A choice many property owners face is whether to use gravel or mulch throughout their landscaping.

The answer to this question depends on several factors. Read on to learn more about two factors determining whether you should use gravel or mulch in your commercial landscape.

The Plants in Your Landscape

The plants you want in your landscape play a serious role in choosing between mulch and gravel. Most plants do far better in mulch than in gravel. In fact, many landscapers recommended mulch if plants are your primary concern. That is because mulch provides more nutrients for the plants to grow. Mulch also retains moisture, allowing for plants to thrive.

With that said, gravel is better at preventing weeds in a garden area. You see, weeds cannot grow through rocks as quickly as they grow through mulch. So if maintaining weeds is a concern, gravel would be a better choice.

The Property’s Aesthetic

Most commercial property owners have a distinct idea of what they want their business to look like. You can use this concept to determine whether gravel or mulch is a better choice for your landscape. For example, if you desire a more traditional, earthy look, you should go with organic layering like mulch. The texture of mulch, combined with the natural, earth-tone shades, creates a very woodsy landscape. That would be ideal for certain businesses, like an old-time antique store or boho clothing boutique.

For property owners looking to achieve a more stylish, modern landscape, gravel may be a better choice. Gravel presents a great variety of colors, sizes, and textures. That gives commercial property owners endless options for designing their landscape and tailoring it to meet the exact look they’re going for. From shopping plazas to smaller stores, gravel would be ideal for so many types of commercial property.

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