Gravel: Perfect for Paths and Ponds

Gravel: Perfect for Paths and Ponds

Some people look at a barren yard and see the possibilities.  They see shady trees, privacy shrubs, colorful and fragrant blooms, swaths of grass broken up by pathways, and patios, pavilions, water features, and lighting that turn your backyard into an exotic and enticing haven, the perfect place for lounging with family and entertaining friends.

Then there are us mere mortals who look at a dusty, blank canvas and think, “Huh, I guess I should install some sod.”  The good news is, you don’t have to rely on your own imagination to create your perfect oasis.  With professional help, you can not only install a glorious array of lush and verdant vegetation, but you can also add the finishing touches that turn a basic backyard into a relaxing getaway.

If you’ve got the plants and the pond in place and you’re looking to go the extra mile, look no further than gravel.  This attractive and affordable option for pathways, planting beds, ponds, and more is the perfect alternative to products like mulch that need constant replacement or options like cement that create hard edges and allow little flexibility once they’re in place.  Here are a few reasons why you should consider gravel for the pathways and ponds in your yard.

Visual Appeal

Gravel is an attractive way to create pathways throughout your yard or cover up unsightly areas in need of a finishing touch.  For example, dirt paths might work great until it rains and they transform your yard into a muddy bog.  The grass-free areas in planting beds, under full-grown trees, and around a pond may be susceptible to weed infestations or soil erosion if not properly covered.  Gravel is not only practical, but also provides a more polished look than, say, mulch.

Minimal Maintenance

Unlike mulch, gravel requires very little upkeep.  Mulch can quickly become faded by the sun, get blown around your yard by the wind, and deteriorate and settle over time.  In short, you may have to replenish or replace it at least annually, and in some cases seasonally if you want it to continue looking good.  You won’t have these issues with gravel.


Gravel comes in a variety of options for color and size, allowing you to choose the product that perfectly suits your sensibilities and seamlessly fits in with existing landscaping and hardscaping.  In addition, it can quickly and easily be installed by professionals, and if you change your mind about details like color or placement, you can always move it around or replace it.