Gravel driveway maintenance tips

Gravel driveway maintenance tips

Whether you own a home in the country, suburbs, or city, gravel is a cost-effective option when considering your driveway needs. But like most additions to your home, you want to make sure it works for you, and with you.

While gravel is the easiest option when it comes to driveway materials, it still requires some upkeep. Exposure to the elements and vehicular traffic often cause the material to shift and loosen, causing divots, potholes, and other issues. It only takes planning and a few preventative measures to prevent such issues.

Tools and Materials

  • A shovel is something any good homeowner probably already has on hand. It will be useful when needing to redistribute your gravel. Even better than a shovel, box scrapers are useful options for grading a gravel driveway.
  •  It’s always nice to have a rake to help level your driveway’s surface, distribute any new gravel, and remove weeds or debris.
  • For any homeowner with a gravel driveway, it’s best to keep some additional gravel on hand to fill any gaps or holes.

Gravel Maintenance Practices

  • The more twigs, leaves, and litter that get enmeshed in your gravel, the more work it’ll require. Making a regular effort to rake your driveway and remove debris is the number one way to keep your driveway looking brand new.
  • Grading your gravel is a great way keep your driveway in top shape. To best prevent washouts and potholes, your gravel should be highest in the middle of the driveway, tapering towards the edges.
  • Grading doesn’t always do the trick if your driveway is worn or barren. When a rut or pothole appears, your best option may be filling it with new gravel. For a long-lasting driveway, it’s best to apply a new layer of gravel every 1-2 years.

Gravel Tips

  • Gravel tends to move under the weight of cars and in response to inclement weather. To keep gravel in place, consider lining the edges of your driveway with decorative bricks or stones.
  • Using landscaping fabric beneath the gravel can sometimes keep weeds at bay, but your best option is weed killer. In order to avoid hours of pulling weeds and raking, apply weed killer to your driveway regularly.
  • Cars are the number one culprit in displacing gravel. Driving carefully will save you the time of having to maintain your driveway in the future.

The only thing easier that maintaining gravel, is choosing it in the first place. Call us at Tigard Sand and Gravel today!