Creative Ways to Use Sand and Gravel in Commercial Landscaping

Creative Ways to Use Sand and Gravel in Commercial Landscaping

When you’re designing a landscape for commercial property, aesthetics and function are important. You need to ensure that the materials used are serving their best purpose in an environment, while still being pleasing to the eye. After all, your landscaping is often the first thing customers notice about your establishment, so it should represent you well.

Two of the most commonly used materials in landscaping are sand and gravel. These two things can be incorporated into a layout in many ways. Read on to find out four of the most creative ways to use sand or gravel in your commercial landscaping.

A Zen Garden

Few things are more mesmerizing than a serene zen garden. Having a beautiful zen garden in the middle of your property will show visitors that your facility is a calm, peaceful place. Sand and gravel make a great foundation for any zen garden. Once the foundation is laid, ornamental accents can be added to enhance the garden’s atmosphere, like concrete benches or surrounding shrubs and plants.

Intricate Walkways

Many commercial properties feature walking paths. Oftentimes, these paths are concrete walkways, but if you want to be more creative, you can opt for sand or gravel. Gravel walkways lined with stone or plants can add a more natural feel to your landscape.

A Children’s Play Area

Some commercial establishments cater specifically to families and can benefit from having a children’s play area. These areas are typically made with a foundation of sand, as it is softer to land on than solid ground in the event of jumping, falling, or running.

If your business calls for a child’s play area, you can have a large space of sand in a central area, with recreational things like swing sets and jungle gyms placed atop.

Rock Gardens

Rock gardens can actually be gorgeous elements to add to any layout. You can begin your rock garden by laying a gravel foundation and then adding larger, decorative rocks to the design. Certain plants like succulents will give the garden pops of color that will be absolutely beautiful.

Tigard Sand and Gravel

Sand and gravel can be incorporated into a variety of gorgeous landscape designs. If you are looking to add any of these innovative ideas to your commercial property’s landscape, Tigard Sand & Gravel can help you get started. Contact us today for more information.