Common Types of Sand Used in Construction

Common Types of Sand Used in Construction

Sand is one of the most common materials used in construction. From strength to durability, there are many reasons why sand is such popular construction material.

What kinds of sand are typically used in construction? This article will look at the most common types of sand and why they’re so popular. 

Why Use Sand in Construction?

Sand is a necessity for many construction products. The reasons why so many professionals use sand include:

  • Its strength
  • How well it mixes with other construction materials
  • Easy bulk availability

Mixing sand with other construction materials like cement and concrete typically provides stability and durability to the mixture, but there are many uses for sand that might surprise you. 

Sand Types

Oftentimes, people don’t even realize there are different kinds of sand. In reality, there are actually many and their use can be for all sorts of applications. Some of the most common types of sand use include:

Crushed Stone

Often used to make a mortar mix for plastering, crushed stone is a common construction material. With the use of a three-stage crushing process, it can turn into sand. 

Beach Sand

Beach sand is another common type of sand used in construction. The main benefits here are that it’s soft and can absorb moisture easily. It’s also useful on recreational surfaces because it can cushion falls — like volleyball courts and playgrounds. 

Utility Sand

Typically made from quartz, this is very fine sand. It’s nicknamed “pipe sand” because its most common use is to fill backfill pipes after they’ve been laid. 

Masonry Sand

Masonry sand’s use is to create mortar and concrete so that’s the reason why this sand is very important for construction. Another common use for masonry sand is as an adhesive between bricks or stones. It has an extra appeal because it creates clear white lines between stones and brick, making for a lovely aesthetic.

Fill Sand

Fill sand is very common in construction projects. It’s typically used as a base for concrete or as backfill for septic tanks. It’s made up of very fine rock particles that may have formed naturally or as a result of a crushing process.  

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