Can Asphalt Be Recycled?

Can Asphalt Be Recycled?

Not only can asphalt be recycled, but recycled asphalt is also one of the most highly demanded recycled products in North America. It’s a little-known secret that recycled asphalt offers an excellent, if not a superior product, at a lower cost. 

With recycled asphalt, municipalities and private businesses can depend on the environmentally friendly results it offers. This approach helps sustain the environment without restricting growth. 

What Is Recycled Asphalt?

The process starts with old, broken, or damaged asphalt. This typically removes asphalt for reconstruction, resurfacing, or when access to underground utilities is necessary. 

This scrap is referred to as reclaimed asphalt pavement or RAP. It contains reprocessed pavement materials, including asphalt and aggregates. After crushing and screening, it will have a high-quality aggregate with an asphalt cement coat. 

How Is Asphalt Recycled?

Asphalt is recycled in a number of ways. The different methods of asphalt recycling include hot and cold recycling and full-depth recycling. 

The proceeds generally start with mixing chunks of asphalt or millings in an asphalt recycler or reclaimer. This tumbles and heats the mixture for about 20 minutes for hot mix asphalt. For cold recycling, there’s no need to heat. Once the process is finished, the asphalt cement usually retains its adhesive qualities for reuse. 

Does Asphalt Recycling Reduce Cost?

Reclaimed asphalt offers massive savings, specifically for taxpayers. Because of FHA initiatives, towns and municipalities have been encouraged to use it for their projects. Doing so has saved taxpayers over $2.5 billion per year.

Savings tend to fall between $30 and $80 per ton. So by keeping reclaimed asphalt from being discarded, thousands of acre-feet of landfill space are saved each year. 

When recycling asphalt, energy and transportation costs are significantly reduced. Best of all, it can be recycled several times, providing incredible value per ton. By reducing our dependence on virgin asphalt, we can reduce our dependence on the oil needed for new construction. 

Choose Tigard Sand & Gravel For Your Construction Project

Tigard Sand & Gravel is the home of Oregon asphalt. We offer free asphalt disposal for the Portland community. This approach allows us to recycle and repurpose discarded asphalt for other projects. 

Because of our asphalt recycling, we can proudly say that 30% of our locally made asphalt contains recycled asphalt. If your project needs any kind of rock product, you can count on Tigard Sand & Gravel to deliver. Call or contact us today to book an appointment.