Advantages of buying gravel in bulk

Advantages of buying gravel in bulk

Purchasing materials for landscaping purposes can feel like a lofty endeavor. In order to create a truly mesmerizing landscape, careful thought needs to be put into what kinds of materials are needed and how much of those materials are needed.

In regard to gravel, unless you are outfitting a small area of a garden and only need one small bag of the material, there are numerous advantages to buying gravel in bulk.

Buying in Bulk Is Cheaper

A universally-known concept is that buying in bulk will save a purchaser money in the long run if they use the full quantity of materials purchased. A concept that is not so universally known, however, is that who you buy your gravel from matters cost-wise. While many state that it is convenient to purchase gravel in bulk from a large retailer, the downside is that your bulk purchase will not be as cheap as going through an independent retailer because big box chains purchase their gravel from a third party.

This increases the cost of your gravel in bulk because prices are inflated so that the large retailer can still receive a profit. Buying in bulk is cheaper…if you go through a company that makes or recycles their own gravel.


Buying in bulk equates to less trips to the store and less time waiting around for a delivery truck. While this may not seem like much, when you are trying to outfit a full landscape operation with a certain amount of gravel, the back-and-forth can take precious time away from the job at hand.

Low Maintenance

Unlike buying mulch or sod in bulk, gravel requires little maintenance and can be stored to use later on. Storing mulch in bulk, for example, can attract mice or stain the flooring it rests on. Gravel is fantastic for standing up to the elements and is notorious for being low-maintenance. It is a landscaping material that is worth buying in bulk because it is not a time-sensitive material that needs to be used within a certain amount of time.

Customer Service

An advantage to buying gravel in bulk from a local retailer that you trust is that you will receive fantastic customer service from employees that truly care about the products that they sell. If something is wrong with your bulk order, you can expect it to be handled in a timely manner. This is something that can be easily missed in big box stores.

If you are looking to purchase gravel in bulk and want superior customer service, contact Tigard Sand & Gravel today to receive a custom quote for your bulk gravel order.