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Common Sense Health for the Modern Person...

Simple Wellness

Common sense health for the modern person — that is Simple Wellness.

We developed Simple Wellness so you can take control of some of the greatest lifestyle challenges of our time. Millions struggle to stay healthy and manage the demands of work and family, to use food and nutrition as medicine, and to know if they’re on track toward wellness.

Simple Wellness addresses those struggles and more.

We all understand the results of diminished health: chronic fatigue, aches and pains, unwanted weight gain, high blood pressure, allergies—the list goes on and on.

Knowing that today’s health challenges are varied and unique, Simple Wellness is not simply a diet or weight-loss program. It is a process that accurately determines where your system is out of balance then guides it back into its optimal zone. By putting your body back into balance, you’ll experience and maintain a healthy weight, you’ll enjoy increased energy and vitality, and you’ll benefit from restful sleep.

From this foundation comes the strength to restore the body back to health.

Dr. Dorian Quinn LAc, PScD

Dr. Quinn has been involved in holistic health care for over 30 years. After a family member was stricken with a rare form of cancer in 2014, he shifted his clinical focus to the triggers of inflammation and toxicity that science shows are the driving force to cancer formation and other chronic conditions.

Encouraged with consistently good results for those in “after cancer care”, in 2016 Dr. Quinn retired from his sports nutrition and physical therapy based chiropractic practice to focus on assisting those who have survived cancer through advanced nutrition and lifestyle consulting.

Although Dr. Quinn has been traditionally trained as a Doctor of Chiropractic and as a Licensed Acupuncturist, he presents and offers clinic services as member only services under his Pastoral Medicine License #L29979025.

Dr. Quinn believes God created this body with an amazing healing power and that there is nothing outside the body that is as powerful as the power inside the body. Pastoral Medicine is the Professional Blend of Scriptural Health Wisdom along with Leading Edge Science. The services offered by Dr. Quinn are pastoral health services and should not be confused with state regulated services or services offered by any other doctor or healthcare professional.

“We developed Simple Wellness to lay out a clear blueprint of how to manage the demands of work and family, to use food and nutrition as medicine and to how to stay on track.” ~ Dr. Dorian Quinn

Teresa Kollar

Office Manager


Born and raised in Portland, Teresa has been working in the health and wellness space for more than 25 years.

Teresa is known to genuinely walk the walk in wellness. From proper diet and nutrition, to exercise and mobility, she has a unique gift to meet the patients where they are in their unique health journey and assist them to reach their destination. She enjoys gardening locally, as well as traveling internationally.

Evelyn Smith

Wellness Coach


Evelyn works from a very broad base of health care experience.

Her Experience ranges from teaching young women about natural family planning to a career pharmaceutical background; she understands the inter-related aspects of wellness, and has a wonderful way of helping others discover what type of lifestyle works best for them in their quest for health.