7 Kinds of Sand and How They Can Be Used

7 Kinds of Sand and How They Can Be Used

Sand is a natural material that can be used in many different ways. When you’ve decided to add a new element to your property’s landscape, it’s important to know which kind of sand will work best for the purpose that you are trying to achieve.

Read on to find out more about seven different types of sand and how they can be used.

Mason Sand

Mason sand is finely ground, typically from granite, limestone, gneiss, or trap rock. These materials are crushed and washed through screens to ensure uniformity within the grains of sand. Mason sand is most often used for cement projects like swimming pools. It can also be used for beach sand in volleyball courts.

Concrete Sand

Similar to mason sand, concrete sand is made from limestone, gneiss, trap rock, or granite. It differs from mason sand in that it is less finely ground. Concrete sand is used mostly as a foundation for patios, walkways, or above-ground swimming pools.

River Sand

River sand is very similar to mason sand and can be quite interchangeable with some of the other kinds of sand. The primary difference is that river sand is not quite as fine and may contain pebbles. It is often used in areas where horses may be kept. It can also be found in many golf courses.

Sandy Loam

Sandy loam is a combination of sand and soil that contains varying amounts of silt and clay. It is most often used in gardens because it allows for good drainage.

Fill Sand

Fill sand is comprised of rock particles that have been broken down naturally over time and then ground in a crushing machine. This type of sand does not retain moisture, which makes it great for use in areas where drainage needs to occur. For this reason, it is often distributed around water tanks and septic tanks.

Pit Sand

Pit sand is a very coarse sand that consists of rough grains, with sharp, angular pieces. It is used primarily in constructing permanent structures because it has superior binding qualities.

White Sand

White sand is the finely ground sand often found in beach settings. It is known for its consistency and fine texture. It is used in a wide range of landscaping settings, including for commercial properties.

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