Why Gravel Is a Landscaping Champion

Why Gravel Is a Landscaping Champion

Gravel is a popular landscaping material with a wide variety of applications. Gravel has gained a strong following in the landscaping world for several reasons. To begin with, gravel is cost-effective and easy to maintain. Gravel is also versatile and customizable, with various sizes and colors that can be used for zen gardens, succulent mulch, flower beds, driveways, patios, and more. Another important factor is that gravel is well known for its durability, longevity, and ability to withstand the test of time. Finally, gravel is a great choice for many landscaping purposes simply because it looks great.

Gravel is Cost-Effective  

When it comes to selecting landscaping materials for your home, the cost of various materials will certainly play a role. When it comes to gravel, there is practically no less expensive way to finish your driveway, build your patio, or fill in your flowerbeds. Gravel is easy to come by, and simple to produce. This makes gravel a convenient and economical option for all your landscaping needs.

Although gravel landscaping will require some measure of upkeep, the great news is that this maintenance is easy to do. With the exception of purchasing some replacement gravel about once a year — and in the case of large gravel driveways, possibly renting some equipment — you will not need to spend money on the preservation of your gravel landscaping.

Gravel is Versatile

Gravel comes in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from large boulders to tiny crushed stone. Gravel is also available in various shades, including pink, green, grey, and multi-faceted. Gravel can accommodate just about all of your landscaping needs from the most practical — like a driveway — to the most decorative — like a zen garden.

Gravel is Long-Lasting

Gravel is essentially a collection of small rocks, and rocks are practically indestructible. When you fill your flowerbeds with mulch, you must replace it nearly every season. A concrete driveway will last you about 30 years, while a gravel driveway can last 100. In short: gravel is designed to last.

Gravel can withstand any weather conditions with minimal upkeep. Gravel is especially resilient to ice and snow. Ice cannot form a solid sheet across the gravel’s varied levels, keeping your property safe while enhancing your wintertime curb appeal at the same time.

If you are in the market for a cost-effective, versatile, long-lasting and nice looking landscaping solution, consider using gravel to fulfill your many landscaping needs.